Save Over €1700 on the Zerode Taniwha


The Taniwha is a bike that needs no introduction. But here is one...

Disrupting the industry like nothing else has dared to since, Zerode threw away the rule book and approached the art of riding fast in a whole new way - the result was the Taniwha. A bike that redefines speed, traction and suspension performance, making molehills out of mountains and spreading an ear-to-ear grin across the face of anyone who can tame it.

By ditching the traditional derailleur-centric drivetrain and utilising the stunning pinion C.12 Gearbox, Zerode have not only achieved a 600% range over the Taniwha's 12 evenly spaced gears, but have shifted the mass of these components from the unsprung rear axle to the sprung bottom bracket. What this means to you and me is superlative rear-supension performance that is super-compliant and tracks the trail better than anything else.

Proven on the EWS circuit by Sam Shaw, and a favourite amongst the Stif Staffers that love rowdy trails and big hucks, the Taniwha is exclusively distributed in the UK by Stif and we're offering 25% off all our in-stock bikes and framesets as of right now!



The Taniwha is available in 2 configurations, either as a 140mm trail slayer or a 160mm enduro weapon.

If you're looking for all day comfort with the ability to tackle anything the trail can throw at you, the Taniwha Trail is an undercover brawler that's happy for you to test both it's and your own limits for

mile after mile, whether it's winding singletrack climbs or epic descents

If you're the hit-it-hard-and-fast kind of rider that measures the quality of your (free)ride by the size of a gap, huck or flat drop, the Taniwha enduro is the set-up you're dreams are made of.

Either way, sublime suspension performance and 'holy-sh*t-did-you-see-that" good times are a given!

The 12spd Pinion Gearbox allows you to blast through a handful of gears and engage the perfect gear instantly. You'll always be in the exact gear you need, allowing you to prepare for what lays ahead without desperately trying to spin the cranks to engage a gear before a steep, punchy climb or to hit the gas straight out of a techy corner.

Carefully considered modern geometry puts you right where you needs to be on the bike, a 65º head-angle compliments a short-offset fork, tameing the cockpit and keeping you in control on the downs without wandering on the way back up. A 74.5º seat tube angle creates the optimum pedaling position when seated yet leaves you the room to get out of the saddle and give it all you've got on steep techy sections.



Our hand-picked dream-build kit includes:

• 12spd Pinion C.12 Gearbox with 600% range
• Fox Factory 36 Fork with GRIP 2 Damper & Factory X2 Shock with Climb Switch
• Full Carbon Fibre Frame with 160mm Travel
• Hope Hubs laced to E13 TRS+ Rims
• Burgtec Cockpit with Carbon Enduro Handlebars
• SRAM Code RSC Brakes



We're delighted to be able to offer Taniwha demo bikes for you to ride out of our Summerbridge Showroom. The Taniwha really does need to be ridden to be fully appreciated. There's a learning curve involved on your first ride, unlearning those 'derailleur' habits you've acquired over the years, but once the penny drops we're certain you'll love every second piloting the Zerode around any of our local trails.


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See Gee Milner's edit of our mechanic John building then shredding the Zerode Taniwha