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Deep Loam #3 - The MegaTower

The all-day brawler.

The Megatower is the big hitting race bike in the range, featuring 29’’ wheels, 160mm travel and a plethora of geometry altering adjustments making for a bike that’s ready to tackle the globe’s heaviest enduro tracks with a calm infused, confidence inspiring, terrain attacking attitude.

The Megatower is fast.

Optimized for racing the toughest enduro events in the world whilst also pushing boundaries on big home trails it’s the weapon of choice for the extremists who value out and out speed and composure both on and off the racetrack.

It's gravity focused but that doesn't mean its a slouch on the climbs - It pedals really good! The VPP suspension platform is efficient, match this with the steep seat angle and the Megatower is ready for hefty multi-stage racing and big climb and plummet adventures.

Want to go fast with confidence? The Megatower could be for you.


With 160mm rear wheel travel delivered by the lower link driven design providing a progressive shock rate that offers bump gobling traction and comfort with a true bottomless, bottom out resistance feel.

On the trail this translates to a hovercraft like ride that reduces rider fatigue and provides bucket loads of traction in all scenarios.

The bike is shipped with a 160mm travel fork - this provides an extremely balanced ride, however, upping the fork travel to 170 or even 180mm is approved if you're a totally hard hitting, gravity focused rider.

In summary - it's flat out and ultimately controlled!


The Megatower features a host of adjustable settings to alter the ride characteristics for different rider demands and worldwide trail locations.

'High or Low?'

There's a flip-chip situated in the lower link which alters the BB height and head angle - the low setting, or out-and-out DH mode as we call it radicalizes the angles slightly whilst situating you slightly lower to the ground for added stability. Sitting the bike in low also makes the suspension more progressive - ideal for bike park style riding and steeper tracks.

Switching the bike into the 'high' position makes for a more agile feeling ride. The slight raise in BB height offers more pedal clearance for racing and also shifts your weight slightly further forward, perfect for attacking flatter corners and generally less steep riding locations.

'Long or short?'

There's also a second flip-chip in the rear dropout too - rotating this changes the chainstay length by +/- 10mm. The short setting is snappier and more playful vs the longer being more stable on high speed descents and better balanced for steep climbs. It's also great for tailoring the fit meaning taller riders on bigger bikes can create a more balanced front to rear bias by lengthening the rear centre.

Coil and Air

All Megatower complete builds and frame options are available with either an air or Coil RockShox Super Deluxe shock. Both options offer top end performance with a different ride feel and one may be better suited depending on your riding style .

The air shock provides a more lively and poppy ride, also making set up a total cinch and the final tuning stages of suspension set up can be perfectly tuned with micro PSI adjustments. Want to make the bike more progressive? The air shock allows volume spacers to be installed or removed to change how progressive/linear the rear suspension is - this is a great feature for riders on both ends of the weight extremes.

Coil = grip. For gravity riders the coil platform provides an unmatched bump muting ride. Small bump compliance goes through the roof and whilst it may not be as poppy as the air sibling the added grip on wet roots and off camber sections is ideal for racing. The coil is calm and offers a genuine improvement if you're against the clock in big alpine environments.

You pick it, we build it.

Exclusively carbon.

The Megatower is available in both carbon C and CC formats with different build kits on both variants. The CC version is also available as a frame only option - perfect for a custom build.

How does it compare?

The Nomad is the Megatower's 27.5" wheeled 170mm traveled companion. If you're a frequent bike park visitor or prefer the playfulness of smaller wheels take a look at the Nomad.

Want 29" wheels but think the Megatower may be too much bike? Not into big racing big terrain? The new Hightower could be the perfect machine. The Hightower almost mirrors the Megatower's geometry but with a travel drop to 140mm and a more 'trail' focused spec sheet means its the ultimate do everything all-rounder. From backdoor trail rides to alpine holidays the Hightower has you covered.

We have unmatched experience with the entire Santa Cruz range. Among 'Stif Staffers' we have pretty much owned and shredded every current bike so make sure to hit us up with any bike related queries - we're here to help!

Build kit?

Santa Cruz offer a host of build options on both carbon frame options. Entering with the reliable C R-Kit, which wears Sram NX Eagle and a simple yet trusty RockShox Yari fork through to the unrivaled Sram XX1 AXS wireless shifting system, Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheels and Fox factory Grip2 36 fork. Whatever your demands and wants, there’s a Megatower to suit you.

Santa Cruz Megatower C S Kit

The one that most of us ride. The C S kit bike offers a great balance of component performance, longevity and affordability. The featured Fox 36 performance fork, Sram GX Eagle drivetrain and code breaks use trickle down technology from their top spec companions at a more affordable price.

It's also possible to add the Reserve Carbon wheel upgrade to the C S Kit bike - the leap in ride quality and trusty lifetime warranty makes for a solid investment.

EXO+ casing Maxxis tyres wrap the rims and the extra carcass protection is suited to aggressive riding.

Santa Cruz Megatower CC X01 Reserve Kit

The XO1 Reserve Megatower CC is a higher-end example of a build that's truly ready for anything in its path. The gracious operation it offers is EWS proven and the longevity seems to be lifetime - it's beautiful to use and tough as nails.

The X01 Reserve kit includes stopping power by the mighty Sram Code RSC brakes, Sram X0 Carbon cranks deliver the power and 12 speed X01 Mech and Cassette communicate the 500% Eagle gear range.

Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon wheels use the highest quality carbon rims on the market. With their damped, buzz muting ride, incredible strength and no quibbles lifetime warranty makes for uncompromised performance on the trail.

We've bikes in-stock, ready to build.

We have a massive range of bikes in-stock and ready to ship at both of our stores. Get in touch with any questions - you could be on your new bike sooner than you think!

Lifetime Warranty

Any option you choose is covered by Santa Cruz' Lifetime Warranty on both the frame and bearings. This also covers the Carbon Reserve wheels if specced on your new Megatower.

For more information or to take a look through all the build options for the Santa Cruz Megatower, you can also contact us by phone, email, live chat or pop in store for a coffee and take a look at the bikes we have built in both of our showrooms.

We've got Demo bikes!

We've a full range of Megatower demo bikes available for you to take out and ride before you decide if it's the right model for you at both of our stores. We're based in Summerbridge, North Yorkshire and Winterbourne, Bristol - give us a shout to book at demo from either of our stores.

This is an individual demo ride and when you arrive at the shop, we will set you up on the suspension, install your pedals and talk you through anything you need to/want to know.

You can then take the bike away with you for the day to get a good idea of what it can do out on the trails.

We live and breathe bikes and are lucky enough to ride & test everything we sell in our stores. 

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have and being able to advise people on the best possible stuff is why we create the Deep Loam Articles, to pass on the collective information that we have here at Stif on our favourite bikes & products.

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