The MTB Hopper Ramp | 09.12.21

The Aim - The idea behind the MTB hopper ramp is simple; it’s a portable launch pad that can be rigged in any environment.

Gaps and transitions can be created everywhere from urban areas to woodland loam zones. Basically, the MTB Hopper can boost the fun wherever you can ride a bike.


Compact with easy on-bike transportability – The Hopper lite ramp securely folds into briefcase dimensions exposing two rucksack style straps which allow you to carry the ramp and cruise to the trails in comfort.


Once you’ve done it a few times, assembling the ramp from it’s flatpack form is a total cinch - within 2-5mins (depending how good you are) the session can begin. The height and lip steepness are adjustable – the take-off height can be altered from 435-515mm which means you can incrementally push the limits as your ability and confidence progresses.

Technical Data

  • Assembly – 2-5mins (it gets much quicker the more you do it)
  • Weight limit – 130kg
  • Ready to use ramp dimensions – 435-515mm (height) x 520mm (width) x 1200mm (length)
  • Folded dimensions – 520mm x 380mm x 120mm
  • Ramp weight – 7.5kg


It’s almost impossible to explain how fun the Hopper Lite can make a session – from the Stif car park to the local trails, our test ramp has provided endless thrills.

Make a hip. Launch that fallen tree. Line up that once impossible wall ride. How many pallets can you jump? Fancy a long jump contest? Dare you to take a foot off. The Hopper Lite encourages you to push the limits and is guaranteed to amplify every session. This is having fun on your bike at its core.

A truss construction means the Hopper lite is secure on a mixed bag of surfaces and independently adjustable legs mean safe riding isn’t stopped by uneven terrain.

The lip of the ramp itself is even and smooth, meaning it can be used with all wheel sizes. Whilst we’ve been using it exclusively for MTB, the Hopper lite can also be used with BMX bikes, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades.