The New Santa Cruz 5010 & Juliana Furtado

The berm shralping, turn melting, lip popping, endorphin releasing all day thrasher has received an update, and it's better than we could ever imagined!

The 5010 and Furtado join the Santa Cruz lower link family. It's a day we've been looking forward to here at Stif ever since the Bronson brought lower link VPP to trail bikes. There were rumours it might not be possible, but when the Hightower, then theTallboy joined the party we figured it was only a matter of time... Today is the day!

No other bike pulls on the heart strings of so many Stif Staffers quite like the 5010 & Furtado. Our lyrca-wearing, mountain goat sales team love it just as much as our car-park jibbing, stakepark-bothering web team. From techy singletrack to flowy pumptrack, the 5010 & Furtado posses a playful, agile nature that turns every trail into a playground. Smiles guaranteed.

Check out the launch video below to see how much fun the new 5010 is in the right 'hands...

What's New

Lower Link VPP

The first thing you'll notice is the new lower-link driven VPP. The 5010 & Furtado join the Nomad, Hightower, Bronson, Tallboy et al with the shock sitting low in the frame and being driven through it's 130mm of travel by the lower link. This gives the bike a linear progressive leverage curve, meaning a predictable feel and amazing grip on the trail as well retaining the 5010 & Furtado's signature 'pop'.  Look closer and you might spot that the 'chunnel' which allows the shock to pass through the seat tube has been revised to make room for any and every shock. It's also a super clean looking revision. The 5010 & Furtado remain coil compatible.

Loves Back Wheel

Unique to the new 5010 and Furtado are size-matched chainstays. Always short enough for snapping around turns and all the back-wheel fun you could ever want, the new 5010 & Furtado features chainstay lengths that vary across the size range of the bike to maintain balance on the trail, making these new bikes as much fun on all day, mile munching epics as they are lapping the bike park.

Longer. Lower. Slacker.

Now a fully-fledged trail weapon, the new 5010 & Furtado now feature lower standover heights, slightly longer reach and the head angle sits at the sweet spot of 65.7 degrees. This slacker head angle pairs with a 140mm fork, allowing you to truly attack the trail ahead.

There's More...

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