Santa Cruz 5010 vs Bronson - head to head

One of the questions we get asked most often in the shop is "Should I go for the Bronson or the 5010?"

It's a difficult question to answer... Ask any of us which we prefer and our answer will differ from day-to-day.

In an effort to shed some light on which is right for you we've got Sammy and Jim together in the studio talking us through what makes each bike so special before Jim hits the local trails to put both through their paces.

Pop the kettle on and see how they got on...



It won't come as a great surprise that neither Jim nor Sammy will commit to naming their favourite bike, but their enthusiasm for both is clear. As for which is better for you, it's all about your riding style and what you want from your bike. There's no wrong answers!

We've demo bikes ready to rip if you need hand making your decision, give the shop a call to book a ride or hear about the spec options available.