GT eForce

It's no secret we're big fans of eBikes here at Stif. Despite all the huffing that goes on in comment sections around the web, we're yet to find a mountain biker who hasn't returned from their first eBike lap grinning from ear to ear. Chances are, if you've made it to this page, you already know just how much fun they are. GT took their time to take their first-steps into the eBike world, but they've absolutely nailed it on their first go.

This eForce Amp from GT turns the fun up to 11 from the moment you throw a leg over it. Mid-travel, a proven suspension platform and geometry that's modern but relatively conservative means you're immediately at home. It's a mountain biker's mountain bike, just one that has the ability to unlock more miles, more laps and more fun in every ride.

Built around the fantastic Shimano Steps EP8 platform paired with a 630wh battery and rolling on 29" wheels, there's very little you could put in the eForce's way that it won't overcome. GT's LTS 4-Bar linkage platform and solid Rockshox offerings at either end keep the bike planted and predictable no matter how steep the climb or rowdy the descent. The eForce's ability to keep calm and devour a climb yet inspire buckets of confidence on the descents is a testament to the R&D GT have put into the bike, as is the well thought out spec.

Keeping an eBike wallet friendly is no mean feat. Their ability to generate speed and plough through the gnarliest terrain means the prospect of finding some corners were cut to hit a price point mid-ride could be terrifying. Fortunately, GT have nailed the spec on the eForce too. It's not dripping in 'factory' everything, but it's premium where it matters and solid and reliable everywhere else - all you'll have to worry about is how much fun you're having.