GT Force

Developed for big hitters and gravity hogs

The Force owns every line on the mountain.

GT redesigned their long travel Enduro bike to rip with more control. Updated geometry for race pace handling and confident climbing is combined with their Idler-enhanced LTS system, transforming the toughest trails from sketchy to silky.

Rolling on 29" wheels for flat out speed in the biggest terrain, the Force becomes a KOM-smashing, podium-grabbing adrenaline-junkie between the tape. A well-thought out mid-pivot and high chainline generates a rearward axle path through the shocks stroke - giving the rear wheel the ability to get up and over obstacles without hanging up and huge levels of confidence-inspiring traction when you're flat out.

Generous reach and a steep seat-tube angle, as well as the aforementioned abundance of traction make light work of the climbs, whether you're winching up a fire road or deep in techy, rooty woods.