GT Sensor

Brand new in all but name, the Sensor has been re-imagined from the ground up for 2023. Now a dedicated mid travel trail ripper, the Sensor has realised its full potential and brings new life to old haunts.

Lighter, sleeker and with refined geometry, the new Sensor ticks every box and punches well above the weight it's pricing suggests.

The combination of 140mm LTS driven rear suspension, a burly 150mm travel fork and 29” wheels makes the Sensor a remarkably capable all rounder, perfectly suited to UK trails. Composed and responsive on the climbs, the Sensor doesn’t need you to take the fire road to get to the top, it’s more than happy devouring switchbacks and techy climbs for as many miles as your legs can take. Generous reach measurements and a steep seat-tube angle mean the Sensor is ready for long days in the saddle.

The internet would have you believe there's no such thing as a do-it-all bike these days, but the Sensor comes about as close as you'll get to hitting that sweet-spot... regardless of whatever trendy name is doing the rounds - if it's mountain biking, the Sensor has it covered. From a quick after-work XC flavoured power hour, through weekend trail center laps and a day between the tape racing Enduro, the Sensor thrives whatever you point it at.

If you're only gonna have one bike, the Sensor could well be the one.