Juliana Furtado

Meet the one bike to rule them all - Meet the new Furtado

Re-designed for 2020, this years Furtado bumps up the capability to the do-it-all (then do it again) frame. The 27.5" wheels fitted with grippy 2.4" tyres turn loose lines into velcro, letting you weave through trails with the confidence of a kid wearing a cape. The 130mm rear travel and 140mm front travel floats over chunky trails while the lower link suspension keeps the traction high, letting you push the pedals without worrying about slipping or sliding. Size specific chainstay lengths coupled with a relaxed 65 degree head angle create a bike that twists and turns, letting you tackle the unknown with the confidence to commit. From the lighter tuned rear suspension that ensures full use of the travel to the nimble geometry, the furtado puts you in control.

Carbon C

It's not just significant weight savings you'll benefit from with these Carbon frames... The ride feel has been flawlessly refined, syncing you and your bike in perfect harmony with the trail. With sleek lines thanks to the one-piece construction, and specs that hit the sweet-spot of high-end performance at a reasonable price - these bikes also look as good as they ride.

Carbon CC

Premium Carbon Fibre raw materials and beautifully engineered layups come together in these CC bikes. The ultimate in ride quality without compromise - and with the top-level build kits to match. Bikes don't get any better!