Santa Cruz Heckler

The Heckler is the most agile e-bike on the market—one that sports equal parts capability and playfulness. It’s fun uphill, it’s fun downhill, and it rides more like the aggressive trail bike it was based on than whatever your notion of an e-bike may be.

The Heckler was never about taking it easy, it's about making things possible. Going further. Going faster. Getting in three laps after work instead of one. Pushing limits and smashing boundaries - the very thing that got each of us hooked on mountain biking in the first place. Whether you're a weekend warrior or Danny MacAskill, the Heckler is here to redefine what is possible.

Carbon CC

Premium Carbon Fibre raw materials and beautifully engineered layups come together in these CC bikes. The ultimate in ride quality without compromise - and with the top-level build kits to match. Bikes don't get any better!