Deep Loam Series

Welcome, lets get deep

Welcome to the Deep Loam Series. Here's where you will find us find us geeking out about our favourite gear from our favourite brands. There's no marketing nonsense or press release waffle to be found, we've written these articles because we love the products they feature.

If you've ever set foot in one of our shops, you'll know we're spoilt for choice when it comes to bikes, kit and components - the products that make it into this series are the ones we've become obsessed with. Written by Stif Staffers, these articles show you our favourite products through our own eyes and from our own experiences.

Through countless hours of riding we've put these products through their paces in any and every situation we can get ourselves into. In the process we've acquired unique insisghts into what sets these products apart from their peers, dive in and get the unfiltered lowdown on what we choose to ride when there's so many options. You might just find they're perfect for you too.

Dive In....