Reserve at Stif

Reserve was founded in 2014 by engineers from Santa Cruz Bicycles. The motivation was simple; we knew we could make the most durable strength-to-weight composite bike wheels on the market, and were prepared to back that claim up with a lifetime guarantee. So we did. Reserve first launched with MTB wheels in 2017. At the time, carbon rims with a lifetime guarantee were unheard of. Within 12 months, Reserve leaped from unknown up-start to one of the most highly-rated carbon wheel makers in the mountain bike market.

Buoyed by the positive reception in MTB, we swiftly moved into gravel. Fully rigid off-road bikes demand a sophisticated carbon rim layup in order to retain control and comfort. Not only does strength, weight, and durability matter, but ride quality also. The Reserve 22 gravel wheel was born at NAHBS in 2019.

Is Reserve cycling's first supergroup? We couldn't possibly say. But we can't recall any other occasion where two cycling brands with such depth of expertise in their own respective fields have taken such a leap of faith to make something so collaboratively. With engineering, racing, and service as the cornerstones of our brand, you can trust in Reserve to bring you home.


Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime. No gimmicks. Not limited. If you do actually manage to break a rim while out riding, Santa Cruz will replace it for free. And probably high five you in the process! If it gets run over by a truck they'll help you out with a low cost accidental 'crash replacement', because life's too short to argue. We know riding time's too precious to keep you waiting, so we'll do our best to sort you out fast.

How Strong?

After Riding the same set of Reserves for the whole 'Wee Day Out' shoot, Santa Cruz insisted Danny MacAskill tried a bit harder to find the breaking point of their new rim....


"After just one day of riding on the new Reserve wheels, we can comfortably say: Santa Cruz didn’t promise too much in terms of handling!"
"Despite our best efforts to keep up with Cedric Gracia and Anka Martin, not a single person at the media camp managed to break a rim. After three days of riding, the wheels emerged unscathed"
"When considering trade-offs, the strength to comfort ratio of the Reserves strikes an excellent balance, unmatched by the competition. Add that they’re cleverly built with easily accessible replacement parts and include a lifetime warranty, and you really can’t go wrong."

Demo Reserve Wheels at Stif

Want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Call your local store and book a demo.