Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz, California. Their first bike, the Tazmon, was a single-pivot dual suspension bike that rattled established sensibilities. At the time full-suspension bikes were far from the norm, and a do-it-all bike (what we’d refer to as ‘trail’ or ‘all-mountain’ now) with rear suspension was considered highly irregular. But Santa Cruz's founder, skateboarding legend, Rob Roskopp, wasn’t hog tied to following trends or being told how to think. Instead he could see that full-suspension was an innovation whose time had come. And ever since Santa Cruz have built bikes that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer. Check out the latest range below.


Race-orientated mountain conquering machines built for big speeds over even bigger distances


Short-travel all rounders that can handle anything the trail throws at you, whether it's miles of techy climbing or flowing through jump lines


Long Travel, gravity-oriented bikes designed to be ridden hard and fast all day long


All out race winning machines, designed for big hits and hucks, rocks, roots and whetever else the mountain can bring


Be it the pumptrack, skatepark, the local jump spot or Crankworx, nothing is as simple as, or brings bigger gins than these 26" hardtails


Don’t be fooled by their slender looks and drop handlebars, these things will surprise you with their tough repertoire of uses. Our Gravel bikes will get you through and over a massively varied range of terrain, whilst being one of the purest forms of fun on two wheels