Five Reasons You Should Be Riding a High Pivot Bike in 2024 | 06.03.24

High-pivot mountain bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many companies adopting the technology on their downhill bikes. After being proven on the world cup circuit, brands such as Forbidden have now trickled this technology down into their trail and enduro bike range, like the 130mm Druid and the 154mm travel Dreadnought.

A high-pivot suspension design raises the bike’s main pivot well above the top of the chainring and rear wheel axle, with an idler then used to reduce chain growth and pedal kickback. In turn, by creating a more rearward axle path as the suspension compresses, high-pivot mountain bikes are said to offer plush-feeling suspension with impressive grip on rough terrain and technical descents.

So are high-pivot bikes deserving of the hype? Check out the below to check out five reasons you should be riding a high pivot bike in 2024!

1.Enhanced Traction and Stability

High pivot mountain bikes excel in rough and technical terrain, providing riders with enhanced traction and stability. One of the key advantage for a high pivot system is the rearward axle path. A rearward axle path is the best for bump absorption because it allows the rear wheel to get up, back and out of the way. The wheel moves backwards in the direction of the bump force so there’s much less of a tendency to get hung up which allows the rider to carry more speed and momentum. The elevated pivot point allows the rear wheel to move independently of the suspension, ensuring that it stays planted on the ground even when hitting the roughest trails. This all adds up to better control and increased confidence when tackling steep descents or rocky trails. If you are after a bike that feels glued to the ground, a high pivot bike could be exactly what you are looking for.

2.Improved Small Bump Sensitivity

One of the standout advantages of high pivot designs is their superior small bump sensitivity. The rear wheel can effortlessly deal with rough trail chatter, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. This becomes particularly noticeable during long descents, where the bike's ability to maintain contact with the ground leads to improved traction, better handling, and reduced rider fatigue.

3.Optimised Suspension Performance

High pivot mountain bikes often feature suspension designs that are optimised for a wide range of trail conditions. The elevated pivot point allows for more flexibility in tuning the suspension kinematics, resulting in a bike that can adapt to both small and large impacts. This versatility makes high pivot bikes suitable for various riding styles, from aggressive downhill descents to technical climbs. This optimised suspension performance ensures that you get the most out of your bike, regardless of the type of trails you ride.

4.Better Control During Descents

Descending is where high pivot mountain bikes truly shine. The design minimises the impact of braking forces on the suspension, allowing the bike to maintain traction and composure even in steep and challenging descents. The enhanced control gives riders the confidence to tackle descents with greater speed and precision, making these bikes an ideal choice for those who’s riding is biased more towards downhill riding.

5.Adaptability for Varied Terrain

Whether you're navigating rocky descents, technical climbs, or flowy trails, a high pivot mountain bike offers versatility across a range of terrains. The design's ability to adapt to different conditions makes it a perfect choice for riders who want a single bike capable of handling a variety of riding. If you enjoy riding a mix of trails and want a bike that can seamlessly transition from one terrain type to another, a high pivot mountain bike is a worthy investment.

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