GT Ready To Rip | 13.09.23

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Ready To Rip

£750 worth of free upgrades on select GT Bikes

gt sensor with ready to rip upgrades

For a limited time, we're offering a bundle worth £750 of upgraded components, completely free with selected GT Bikes.

While stocks last, we're giving you the chance to make new bike day that little bit more special with a heap of dream-build components from Burgtec, Hope, OneUp, Reserve & more. Mix & match colours 'til your heart's content, dial in your cockpit and make your build as unique as you are. Whatever options you choose, we've picked the perfect upgrades to ensure your new GT is Ready To Rip straight out of the box.

Stif team rider Matt on the GT Force

The Ready to Rip package includes:

  • Burgtec MK4 Composite Pedals
    in your choice of colour
  • Burgtec Ridewide handlebars
    in your choice of 15mm or 30mm rise
  • Burgtec MK3 Enduro Stem
    in your choice of Colour & Reach
  • OneUp Components EDC Lite Tool
    in your choice of Colour
  • Backcountry Research Mutherload Strap
    in your choice of Colour
  • Lezyne Side Loading Bottle Cage
    in your choice of right or left loading
  • Fox Water Bottle
    in your choice of red, black or clear
  • Reserve Fillmore 50mm Valves
    Making tubeless setup seamless
  • Hope Pro 4 Wheelset
    The super reliable Hope Pro 4 laced to WTB i30 Rims
Stif staffer Em on the GT Sensor

How it works:

We've done the maths on this one... there's 95,256 unique combinations of freebies you can add to your new GT!

Needless to say, we've not listed them all here, we're gonna keep it as simple as we can! Order your 'Ready to Rip' GT Bike on as normal, once we've got your order one of our sales staff will be in touch to confirm your choice of components. Please note that while we'll make every effort to accomodate your choices, in some circumstances we may not be able to provide your first choice of color/size. We'll let you know alternatives before we strap anything to your new bike! We'll default to all-black-everything, so if that's your preference, just let us know! All parts are subject to availability.

Where OE components are replaced by parts in the Ready to Rip bundle, we'll build your bike 'Ready to Rip' and ship the original OE parts to you separately.

Pick your Ready to Rip Whip

the GT Sensor ST

GT Sensor ST

Brand New for 2023, the Sensor ST blurs the lines between a short and mid travel bike, opening up endless capabilities. Spot-on geo numbers make the ST the perfect choice for big days in the saddle, 29” wheels will eat up the miles whether you’re headed out for a big adventure or chasing sunsets on an after-work power hour. The 140mm front end and 65.4° head angle inspire confidence on the descents, making the ST feel way more capable than you’d expect a ‘short-travel’ bike to be.

the GT Sensor

GT Sensor

Brand new in all but name, the Sensor has been re-imagined from the ground up for 2023. An instant hit with critics and riders alike. Now a dedicated mid travel trail ripper, the Sensor has realised its full potential and brings new life to old haunts. Lighter, sleeker and with refined geometry, the new Sensor ticks every box and punches well above the weight its pricing suggests. The combination of 140mm LTS driven rear suspension, a burly 150mm travel fork and 29” wheels makes the Sensor a remarkably capable all rounder, perfectly suited to UK trails.

the GT Force

GT Force

Developed for big hitters and gravity hogs - The Force owns every line on the mountain. GT redesigned their long travel Enduro bike to rip with more control. Updated geometry for race pace handling and confident climbing is combined with their Idler-enhanced LTS system, transforming the toughest trails from sketchy to silky. Rolling on 29" wheels for flat out speed in the biggest terrain, the Force becomes a KOM-smashing, podium-grabbing adrenaline-junkie between the tape. A well-thought out mid-pivot and high chainline generates a rearward axle path through the shocks stroke - giving the rear wheel the ability to get up and over obstacles without hanging up and huge levels of confidence-inspiring traction when you're flat out