Stif MTB and Ride Bristol Join Forces | 08.11.21

Today we're stoked to announce we'll be working with Ride Bristol to bring new and revamped trails to the surrounding areas of Bristol

After the success of our Tea & Biscuits film premiere night, the proceeds of which went towards the upkeep of Ashton Court trails, we're strengthening our relationship with Ride Bristol with a 3 year commitment to maintain & improve trails in and around Bristol. We're kicking things off by with a full redesign of the Supanova trail in Barn Wood & we need volunteers for dig days on the weekend 19th-21st November

Read the Press Release from Ride Bristol below and hit the link to volunteer. Places are limited so be quick!

Ride Bristol & Stif MTB Press Release

It was no coincidence that Stif chose the outskirts of Bristol as the home for their new store, which since opening its doors in early 2020 has become a part of the thriving and vibrant mountain biking scene around the city. Their intention to give back to the community was part of the plan long before their feet hit the shop floor.

The doors to the Winterbourne store had barely been open a month before Stif teamed up with Misspent Summers to premiere their Tea & Biscuits project, raising over £1,000 which was donated to Ride Bristol to maintain and improve the network of trails at Ashton Court.

Furthering Stif's relationship with Ride Bristol, we are today delighted to announce a 3 year partnership with a focus on the continued upkeep and development of local trails. We’re kicking off our joint venture with a redesign of the SuperNova trail in Barn Wood. Ride Bristol, Stif and professional trail builders Architrail met on site to review the options for this cheeky bit of descent. Stif suggested features that would both challenge experienced riders and allow newer riders to develop their technique. Having chewed over the details, Architrail confirmed it could build within the mandated ‘red’ grading. We are all confident it is going to be a great sessioning loop.

We’re finally able to start work on November 16th 2021. Tarmac’s Durnsford Quarry will donate 100 tonnes of stone, with Architrail then getting to work with all the heavy duty machinery necessary for the shaping of the red-graded descent. Once the stone is in place the machinery will make way for volunteers, led by Architrail & Ride Bristol, to shape the riding surface.

A good volunteer turnout will enable us to get the greatest potential out of the trail. To find out more hit the button below!

There will be a Jam Session coming Spring 2022 – Watch this space!