Collection: Wickens & Soderstrom

Wickens & Soderstrom’s innovative new range of high quality lubricants and sealants is still growing and evolving and behind it is a concern for the environment as well as our own personal well-being as we work on our bikes. The British company launched the No.5 Drivetrain Lubricant in 2014 after two years of lab development and since then they’ve added a bike cleaning fluid, greases, suspension lube and tyre sealant. The Wickens & Soderstrom No.1 Bike Cleaner is the first EU Ecolabel accredited bike cleaning fluid (EU Ecolabel is the premier European award for the manufacture of ecological products). We’ve all sprayed bike cleaning products liberally over our mucky pride and joy but yet rarely stop to think if this does any harm to the environment or indeed ourselves. All Wickens & Soderstrom products are manufactured to be as ‘friendly’ as possible to you and the planet.

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